Always tasty

 As decoration on your dessert or with a nice layer of butter on your toast: everyone knows the small chocolate vermicelli. They come in all flavours and colours, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate etc. Sizes vary from very small to XXL and you can also choose vermicelli with inclusions. We are an expert in the production of chocolate vermicelli for almost 80 years. We also produce fruit sprinkles which is crumbly and melts on your tongue. Nice and tasty to decorate your toast.


Industrial applications

You can do a lot with vermicelli. It’s a beautiful decorative product for donuts, pies, ice cream and desserts. We offer a complete assortment for different usage and moments. We have what you are looking for.


(1,3mm - 1,6mm - 1,8mm - 3,2mm)
  • Chocolate or decoration vermicelli dark
  • Chocolate or decoration vermicelli milk
  • Chocolate or decoration vermicelli white
  • Dark chocolate vermicelli xxl
  • Milk chocolate vermicelli xxl
  • White vermicelli xxl
  • Yellow vermicelli xxl
  • Green vermicelli xxl
  • Fruit sprinkles
  • Rainbow mix
  • Arc and ciel mix


“Variety in taste, size and colour? That’s possible!
Contact us to tell us about your specific wish.”